There are currently no lessons offered for the remainder of the summer. Please check back this fall for late fall/early winter options.




Introduces young children to the water.  Intended for children with little or no swimming experience.

Will work on:

-- Entering and exiting the water independently   

-- Fully submerging face for 3 seconds

-- Blowing bubbles                                           

-- Practice basic alternating arm action

-- Float, while supported, on front & back          

-- Kick, while supported, on front and back

-- Bouncing in chest-deep water (bob) to chin level 10 times


Have accomplished BEGINNER level skills, especially putting face in water.

They are now ready to start learning building blocks of basic strokes.

Will work on:

-- Holding breath and fully submerge head for 3 seconds

-- Float or glide on front, unsupported, for 5 seconds

-- Float or glide on back, unsupported, for 5 seconds

-- Enter pool into chest-deep water and stand

-- Practice back crawl arm action

-- Submerge to retrieve object in chest-deep water

-- Explore deep water, with floatation support                

-- Perform flutter kick on front & back (support optional)

-- Perform combined (kick & arms) front stroke, 5 yards 

-- Perform combined (kick & arms) back stroke, 5 yards


Have accomplished BEGINNER and BEGINNER II level skills.

Ready for introduction to formal swimming skills and refining of strokes.

Will work on:

-- Tread water                                                      

-- Jump into deep water from side of pool

-- Bob in water slightly over head to travel to safe area    

-- Do elementary backstroke kick, 10 yards

-- Perform front glide with push-off, 2 body lengths            

-- Do back crawl, 10 yards

-- Retrieve an object from the bottom in chest-deep water          

-- Perform 15 bobs in chest-deep water with head all the way under                                            

-- Dive from the side of pool from kneeling and compact positions

-- Coordinate arm stroke for front crawl while breathing to the front or side, 10 yards


Able to swim the length of the pool and accomplish skills of the 3 previous levels.  Time for advanced strokes and kicks.

Will work on:

-- Perform rotary breathing                                

-- Practice deep water bobbing

-- Demonstrate diving from blocks                    

-- Demonstrate turning at the wall

-- Treading water with a modified scissors, modified breaststroke and/or rotary kicks (2 minutes)

-- Perform the following for 25 yards:

Front crawl with rotary breathing, Elementary backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly

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